The Very Last Word is significant because

  • The Very Last Word has been in business for more than 20 years.
  • We are a one-stop-shop with a catalogue for more than 45,000 products for consumer and office supplies.
  • We leverage our streamlined procurement and logistics platform to provide extremely competitive prices to distributers of mobile accessories. Our goal is to supply the top 15 to 20 hot selling mobile accessories and for that we have partnered with Cygnett Manufacturing Company, Australia. Cygnett is a well known, reputed and one of the leading companies in the mobile accessories manufacturing zone in Australia.
  • For the first time in USA, The Very Last Word will be introducing a brand new range of quality mobile accessories through our online store endorsing thousands of varieties and ranges of mobiles accessories such as cases, adapters, car chargers, data/auxiliary cables, headsets, and batteries at the best price.
  • We leverage our China subsidiaries to track trends and recommend fast moving products, in the retails space, to our distributors.
  • Good quality packaging, UPC codes, and customization requests for white labeling mobile accessories is a key offering.
  • Our lead times are aggressive and the majority of the time we airlift products to USA locations at low rates.

This is the reason The Very Last Word is the first choice of client and customers.

Products List:

Cases               Accessories               Connect & Charge        Stands & Holders

iPad                  Headphones                Cables                            Armbands

iPhone              Screen Protectors        Chargers                        Car Mount

Samsung           Stylus                                                             Bike Mount